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Public Lounge, The Roxbury Motel, and Another Great Night in the Catskills

March 7, 2010

Last night we stayed at the Roxbury in Upstate New York. In a little town in the Catskills, The Roxbury Motel, which I found so quickly and easily on Google was a dream come true. It was very retro for a boutique motel, which made for some nostalgic fun. We chose to stay at the Kitchenette 6. It had pink polka-dots all over the comforter and delightfully matched with a key-lime green bathroom. Each room came with 4 bottles of wine (and good wine too). They also provided a huge 42 inch plasma TV and 300+ DVD’s that you can rent free of charge from the office. As our stomachs started to grumble, we found a binder full of all of their restaurant recommendations. Hurray!

Since Ren wanted to torture me by Academy Award red carpet fashion show, we had to stay pretty close to the motel and make sure to eat only during commercial break. That was not hard to do since the Roxbury has teamed up with an awesome little bar called the Public Lounge less than a block away. For somebody that likes specialty cocktails and little munchies, it is the place to go. They had Duvel and all of the beers from Ommegang Brewery, one of the only Belgian style breweries in America. For someone who loves Belgian beer, like me, it was a great treat!

I sipped on a Duvel first, and then moved on to Ommegang’s Three Philosophers Quadrupel. It is a rich beer, which has chocolaty notes and 9.7 percent alcohol. Many claim that Belgian Tripels and Quadrupels are more like wine than beer because of their longer cask life and higher alcohol content. The Three Philosophers was no different. It was a rich brown and had the complexity as a great meritage. It left tasted of rich chocolate and coconut. Ren and I decided to grab a couple of pizzas (which are a personal ten inches). Then we also got the chicken quesadilla, which had a spicy sauce on it, which was just amazing. The pizzas we got were the margherita, which was adorned with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, and the garlic chicken, which had crumbly breaded chicken and much much garlic. Everything was delicious. I just wish there was more of it.

Overall, it was a very nice place with friendly regulars and barstaff. All of the food was delicious, fresh, and eclectic. Plus, they hit my weak spot with the Belgian beer. Overall, it was a 4.5 out of 5. The last .5 is left because their menu was a little small and they were out of their main entrees by 6:30 when we came in. But, the experience we did have is highly recommended. It is a fun little place that you don’t expect to see in the middle of a mountain town.

– Chris

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